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Deregistration Services

Dubai VAT Deregistration Services

Get your VAT Deregister in Quickest and Most Affordable way with Capital Plus Auditing, even if you have tried yourself already and failed!

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About Our Service

VAT deregistration services are required for business owners if they are no longer making VAT-taxable supplies or stopping their businesses.VAT deregistration is vital if you want to be tax-free in Dubai. Capital Plus Auditing offers helps businesses cancel their VAT services.VAT deregistration is a method that allows firms to pull out from paying taxes. Either voluntarily or mandatorily. We provide VAT services in Dubai for any firm, business, or company.

CPA, one of the best VAT companies in Dubai, has the required experience to help you to optimize your tax position. VAT registration and deregistration, VAT consultancy, VAT training, control, compliance, and return filing services in Dubai affordably and effortlessly.

VAT Services

Our VAT Services


VAT deregistration is just as crucial as VAT registration in Dubai. Dubai has specific scenarios that decide whether you must pay VAT (Value Added Tax). You must register with the Free Trade Agreement FTA upon fulfilling these scenarios.

When a registered company, known as a registrant, no longer fulfils the requirements for VAT to be applied. They must deregister themselves. You have to complete VAT deregistration in a given time. Otherwise, you may be penalized by authorities as a punishment.

Prevent yourself or your business from a penalty by higher authorities. You need to hire VAT deregistration services in Dubai.



There are different requirements for VAT deregistration in UAE. They are known as mandatory and voluntary.
Both of these have different requirements for deregistering yourself.

For Mandatory VAT Deregistration

A company can go forward with a mandatory deregistration procedure if:

For Voluntary VAT Deregistration

Your company can go forward with the voluntary deregistration procedure if the following:

VAT services in Dubai

Request for VAT Deregistration

You can make requests in Dubai electronically. There are steps to follow to submit your request after confirmation of your eligibility criteria. These steps are as follows:

Fulfill all the requirements to deregistration of vat in Dubai uae.

Log in to the VAT Account on FTA Portal.

Fill out all the needs to deregister for VAT in Dubai. 

Log the VAT deregistration form along with the details and reasons for the VAT deregistration.

Receive confirmation text on the registered number for submission.

Click on SUBMIT button to put forward your request.

After successfully submitting the deregistration form, you will find the application status as “Pre-Approved.” It will be “Approved” only when you clear all the arrears and dues. If you have plans to continue your business or are waiting for a new investor, moving forward with the VAT cancellation process is not advisable. If such a situation arises, it is better to keep the TRN and file the tax return as zero if the company expects a good return within the next twelve months period.

Who We Are?

1. A team of professionals and experts with 7+ years of experience in diverse industries.
2. Certified forensic auditors will assist you with your business issues.
3. Goal-driven auditors are keen to provide 100% accurate results.
4. Affordable for all businesses, whether it’s voluntary or mandatory.
5. Accepted and certified deregistration procedure for your business VAT.
6. We provide flawless documents and keep them transparent throughout the process.

Why Choose Us?​

VAT deregistration is more complex than approaching the FTA and revealing to them that you are no longer eligible for VAT. This complexity can make it difficult for businesses to cancel their VAT registration. A piece of advice to engage with a reputable auditing and tax consultancy firm will help you in this case.

We Capital Plus Auditing are an experienced and reliable accounting and tax consultancy agency with plenty of experience with VAT-related matters. We will guide you through the entire process and ensure that your VAT deregistration is carried out correctly. You can visit our office or make a call to learn more about our services.

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Ahhh! Are you still here with us? You must be the individual or a business owner who wants to know about the VAT deregistration procedure or needs services to cancel your VAT services. Our team of professionals at CPA is ready to assist you with your business VAT and give you 100% value. Either you want to deregister or register your VAT in Dubai. With more than seven years of experience in the market, our professionals use VAT consultancy, training, return filings, and compliance and control strategy. Suppose you are the one who is looking for a service related to VAT. Click the button below to get a consultant’s advice or book any service.
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Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions About Value Added TAX

VAT was established in the UAE on 1 January 2018. The general VAT rate is 5% and is implemented on most goods and services. Some goods and services are subject to a 0% rate or excluded from VAT.

VAT exemptions for goods and services are as follows;
1. Sporting activities and physical Education.
2. Education and training.
3. Some medical treatments.
4. Financial services, insurance, and investments.

Value-added tax (VAT) will be charged if: the business is disclosed for VAT. The client’s supply of effective legal services is subject to VAT and not exempt from VAT or zero-rated.

A person can register voluntarily at any time after canceling as long as they have an entitlement to be registered.

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