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Dubai VAT Consultants

Unfamiliar with VAT Laws & Regulations?

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Businesses find it hard to understand VAT & cope with Laws & Regulations, Capital Plus Auditing of Accounts has certified and professional team to help businesses meet VAT compliance and achieve smooth VAT processes.

VAT Registration & De-registration - VAT Implementation – VAT Return Filing & Training

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Value Added Tax in UAE

The government of UAE first introduced VAT (Value Added Tax) in January 2018. Businesses unfamiliarity with VAT laws & regulations makes it extremely difficult to cope with VAT processes. We are an FTA-approved VAT consultancy firm in Dubai, our team of VAT Consultants in Dubai is ready to help you with VAT registration, de-registration, and returns filing along with helping you analyze and solve tax disputes. With proper consultancy and training, you can optimize your VAT position and smoother VAT processes. Our experts have years of working experience with entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses and we have worked with all types of industries.
We also keep an eye on ever-changing regulations to help you avoid any implications for your business.

Full Service Accounting Firm

From VAT to Returns Filing, we’ve got you covered

VAT Consultancy

Trusted by dozens of clients, we have the skills, experience & expertise to guide you through all the VAT processes, we will provide proper guidance related to VAT laws & regulations, compliance systems, and updated accounting systems after the implementation of VAT.

VAT Registration

VAT registration can be beneficial for your business growth as companies tend to work more with VAT-registered businesses. VAT registration is a set of processes & procedures by which a business can get registered for VAT and becomes authorized to collect the remitted tax in the UAE.

VAT Returns Filing

We have in-depth knowledge of VAT laws & regulations; we help businesses in filing VAT returns under proper guidance. This includes the reconciliation of Input & Output VAT, computation of tax liability check, and review of previous returns. We’ve got everything covered for your business.

VAT Training

We do not go with a “fit-for-all” standard approach, we provide customized and needs-focused training for individuals and businesses on VAT laws & regulations to ensure all the procedures are being followed and you are meeting compliance.

VAT Refund

We are a certified and FTA-approved VAT consultancy firm, we know the complexities and procedures of VAT, and we have a 100% track record of claiming VAT refunds. From the refund application to the preparation of all the necessary documents, we can handle everything.

VAT De-registration

If the business has stopped making taxable income, the company is being closed, or the turnover is less than the threshold limit, VAT de-registration must be processed. We can save you from going into the complex processes and procedures of VAT de-registration.


Requirements for VAT Registration

The first & foremost requirement is to have a Tax Identification Number issued by Trade Register in Dubai; this is obtained while processing the incorporation of your business. As soon as you have the Tax Identification Number, you can apply for VAT registration.
Here is the list of required documents which are needed for the registration process:

Eligibility for VAT Registration in Dubai

Business selling or importing services or products exceeding 375,000 AED/year are required to register for VAT

VAT registration is mandatory for foreign companies that are selling VAT-taxable goods, products and services in Dubai

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