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About CPA

Capital Plus Auditing of Accounts is providing premium tax and accounting services in Dubai. Our team has the knowledge & expertise to handle tax or accounting work at all levels. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals is fully equipped with all the necessary expertise to help individuals, small & medium businesses, and entrepreneurs to solve all the financial & accounting issues. We’re here to help you save more on taxes, and spend less time and money on accounting, so you can focus on your business. Our clients choose CPA for our easy-to-work and highly responsive approach, our mission is to help you and your organization become more successful by taking all the worries of your financial issues away.


Our Mission & Vision

We aim to provide hassle-free audit, accounting & financial consultancy services to help you run your business smoothly, and focus more on your growth while we take care of your financial & digital needs.

Helping Entrepreneurs, Startups & Small Businesses with Right Financial Solutions

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