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Dubai Company Liquidation Services

Top-Notch and Reasonable company Liquidation Services

Closing a company in UAE is a complicated and time-taking procedure but at Capital Plus Auditing our experienced team can simplify all the legal procedures and best assist you in the company liquidation process in uae at a reasonable cost.

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Company Liquidation

About our Company Liquidation Services in Dubai

Liquidation of company in Dubai is the process in which company-related operations are closed and its existence will come to an end. The company will go for voluntary liquation when a company or business is at loss and has not enough money to pay its remaining debt or meet the expenses such as salaries and bills.

When the company or business is liquidating, all the company assets are distributed among the creditors and shareholders, depending on their priority of claims. The person or a company that conducts the liquidation process is known as a liquidator. The management of the company appoints the liquidator.

In the second case, the government will immediately shut down the company and mandatory company liquidation is required according to the court order If a company is involved in fraud or commits a serious crime, or violates the rules and regulations of the authorities.

CPA is one the best company providing Company Liquidation Services to all free zone, Dubai mainland, and LLC companies. Our expert team of liquidators can help you in all stages of company liquidation services.

Company Importance

Importance of Company Liquidation Services


Key Benefits of Company Liquidation Services in Dubai

Finally, company or business liquidation will allow a company to pay any of its debts. By law, a liquidator can choose to pay a company even before they sell its assets or stock. As a result, a company or business can use the advanced payment to either pay off its creditors or purchase new stock. Also, the company may have the option to buy fixed assets.

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In the UAE, we have years of expertise and experience in providing error-free and top-notch company liquidation services. To confirm that the company liquidation process runs smoothly, our highly competent and experienced liquidators will handle all required documentation, utility cancellations, visa cancellations, and clearance certificates, etc.

Get in touch with our experts for a free introductory consultation on how to go about completing a hassle-free company liquidation.

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At CPA Auditing, we provide best and hassle-free Company Liquidation with 7 years of vast experience.

We can assist you in the whole liquidation process and all of the procedures involved in Company Liquidation Services. We can guarantee that our Company Liquidation Services are 100 percent compatible with UAE Company Law standards.

Documents required

Documents required for Company Liquidation

Final step for Liquidation of Company in Dubai

Once the time of notice period is completed and all the documents are submitted along with the above-mentioned documents, then the authority will review and upon approval the final payment to the authority has to be completed. Then, the final certificate called License Cancellation Certificate will be issued by the concerned Authority.

CPA Audit and Accounting ensures clients suitable procedures for Liquidation of Company in Dubai. Contact with our team for an initial consultation on how to start with the most suitable procedure.




Notice Period for Liquidation of Company in Dubai

Once all the above documents are submitted and the initial payment is paid to the concerned Authority that is (Department of Economic Development), then a liquidation certificate (primary) will be issued. The Primary liquidation certificate is issued as documentary evidence from the Authority for the liquidating company to continue with the winding up of a company in the UAE.

The company can also proceed with the advertisement that is to publish in the newspaper. For Limited Liability Companies and some of the Free zone companies it requires forty-five days’ notice of liquidation advertisement in the public newspaper. While for LLC companies, 4 advertisements need to be published in the Arabic language.

Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions About Company Liquidation in Dubai

The company liquidation procdure may vary from a different jurisdiction. In general, to start the liquidation of company in dubai, all the shareholders have to sign the board resolution including the local sponsor in front of the public notary. Then the final step is the process approval by DED.

To liquidate or close the company, you need to get a clearance letter from the labor and immigration department after the cancellation of all the employee visas. once you get the clearance letter then you can wind up or liquidate the company.

All the employees’ visa of the liquidating company has to be cancelled before liquidating of the company in dubai. If not, the business or company cannot complete the process of liquidation.

The cost of the Company Liquidation Services in Dubai varies from a different jurisdiction. In general, for the whole liquidation process it will cost you around AED10,000 and in some free zones, it will cost you only AED 6,000/- respectively.

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