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Payroll Management Services in Dubai

The best thing keeping your employees motivated is salary. Any delay in salary is delay in work one or another. Salary keeps the employees hooked to the work and the organization.

Our Payroll management services in Dubai is one such system that ensures smooth functioning of such processes. Not only that but it also maintain the confidentiality and legal requirements of payrolls.

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Cost-effective way of payroll management

This system is the best way to ensure that you have the cost-effective way of payroll management that works ethically and strategically in your organization’s favour. It is also one of such processes that are best handled when outsourced. Saving you cost, getting data security and timely management. Outsourcing payroll management services in Dubai shifts the payroll responsibility to professionals, getting an organisation’s maximum confidentiality about its strategic human resources management.

Payroll management services

You are bound to make unintended error when running an international organization operating multiple legal and ethical grids. In order to ensure complaince with global HR policies and procedures you need help from experts with proven track record operating is such high-risk environment.

If mishandled your organisation may face legal sanctions, reputation damage, ban on work permits.


Payroll refers to the total compensation that a company owes to its employees for a particular period. It takes into accounts all aspects of employees work including hours worked, dues paid, cheques issues, leaves, and bonuses etc.

It is hard for companies to mange the payroll management inside the company.  Therefore, they opt to out source it. Firms that provide payroll management services in Dubai have specialized staff and technological edge to successfully conduct such tasks.

Importance of Payroll Management Services

Payroll management services have become a critical requirement for businesses after UAE government introduced electronic salary transfer system in 2009. Under this legal changes introduced, the companies are obliged to pay wages via banks that are approved and the central bank. The purpose of this obligation is to ensure timely payment of wages while penalzing the companies that do not ensure the compliance. Companies that do not ensure the compliance face serious consequences in the form of restrictions on work permist which severely undermines their operations. This is why Payroll Management Services in Dubai are important for any type of business.

Elements of a complete Payroll process

How does Wages Protection System (WPS) work?


Creative strategy

We have one of the most sophisticated strategy to ensure accurate and confidential Payroll Management Services in Dubai. We have designed an error-free system by employing the best talent in market and combined that with the cuttin-edge technology.we understand the vital importance of the payroll management services and its impact on the most important resources of the company: human resources. To successfully develop, implement and monitor a payroll management service, We operrate on the principles of

  • Confidentiality
  • Accuracy
  • Punctuality
  • Customized service.
Payroll Management Services in Dubai

When you start working with us

  1. Coordinate with your HR
  2. Manage full payroll cycle
  3. Prepare payroll slips
  4. Disemburements
  5. Pension funds
  6. Data maintenance
  7. Bank transfer letters
  8. Manage payroll tax process

Our Payroll Management Services in Dubai

There are 3 steps in our  payroll system:

  1. Prepayroll activities: gathering data and policy indications.
  2. Payroll Process: Payroll calculations.
  3. Post Payroll Processes: Payroll accounting, reporting and legal compliance.
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