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Get Professional VAT accounting services dubai

Prevent your firms from future VAT penalties by authorities as per UAE government law

We will provide services to an itemized VAT impact tax, Train your staff to be well prepared for VAT, Evaluates Risks, and Protects your Assets. VAT accounting consultancy, registration, tax filing, and returns services in an affordable way

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Accounting Services

Why you need VAT Accounting Services?

VAT accounting services demand a particular accounting system to make the process error-free, accurate and precise. Planned and well-arranged accounting services are essential to carry out the VAT needs in obedience to the UAE court of law. There are the following reasons you really need Dubai VAT accounting services.

Decreases the Risk of Penalties

VAT accounting services will ensure that the business obeys all the rules and principles set by the higher authority. Precise tracking and payment to FTA decrease the chance of getting penalties from the government.

Help in Flexible Growth.

VAT accounting services provide the details of the approximate total amount disbursed as taxes. It will help your business management to lay down the budget if it wants to scale your business.

Mandatory Requirement by Law

Significant VAT accounting is a must for every taxable firm and company registered with the FTA.

Serves as a checklist.

VAT accounting services serve as a checklist that allows the firms and the concerned authorities to check whether all the tax-related documents are submitted. It consists of the names of the materials to be correctly filled and submitted.

Decrease TAX Audit Load

Good VAT accounting service will ensure the business keeps all the data related to all transactions safe. It assists the company in future tax audits, inspections, or financial investigations from the higher authorities to conduct the valuation without much load.

Familiarizes with new VAT Related Schemes

It can generate awareness among the business about how to get the advantages issued by the authorities with time. These firms are timely updates with each and every law. So, you don’t need to be worry for any future schemes.

Enhances National Revenue Growth

It is a procedure that evaluates and registers the total calculated amount of Taxes to be paid to the authorities or govt. Proper tax filing will surely help to boost national growth.

Assure easy TAX Returns

VAT accounting makes sure to obtain all the essential documents relating to tax filing in a single place. It can make your tax return filing simple.


Key Benefits of VAT Accounting Services

VAT accounting services in Dubai have essential benefits. If you outsource the VAT accounting services, you can grow your business fast, change your focus on basic operations, and much more. Here are the benefits listed below;

Always updated

Laws, rules, and regulations controlling businesses, especially on taxes, are frequently changing. Firms and outsourcing companies are generally up to date to ensure their clients are always compliant.

Peace of mind

For many business owners and managers, VAT is very stressful. Having a hired firm to take care of your VAT is the same as relieving yourself from stress and letting you concentrate on other things. Now, you don’t need to worry and fear about the NBR audit since you partner up for backup support.

Consume Less, Save More

You don’t need to hire multiple high-paying accountants when outsourcing your accounting and vat services. Also, your human resources expenses will lessen because you don’t have to pay salaries, bonuses, holiday tickets, vacation, or employee compensation.

More time to focus on the main business

You will have much time to monitor your core operations and think of new ideas to expand your business. You don’t need to spend too much time supervising your staff in organizing all your statements, invoice bills, and other source documents and asking them if you have paid your Vat already. Getting these essential tasks done by an outsourced company will let you focus on the primary operations of your business to make it more profitable.

Accurate & more reliable financial information

Since the business is independent and has no hidden interest in its client’s business, you can ensure more trustworthy outcomes/reports that help make significant economic decisions and strategic moves.


Access to specialists

Partnering up with an accounting firm means accessing the complete knowledge, the wealth of wide-ranged experience, and the analytical tools grouped to generate an enhanced, combined, and synergetic effect in optimum strategic solutions.


A business should submit the following documents to process VAT Accounting in UAE.

Higher authorities will impose a penalty of AED 10,000 on an individual or business that fails to keep proper records of the transactions made.

VAT Accounting Procedure

VAT is a transaction tax affecting various processes in your firm. So, the necessity of VAT accounting assessment and controls appears. These are the steps we follow to counter all the flaws and done our job as per authorities demand. Our strategy is as follows:


All in one VAT Services in Dubai

We provide different services related to finance, Auditing, accounting, and VAT. The following are the primary VAT accounting services in Dubai by Capital Plus Auditing.

Why Choose Capital Plus?

Our experienced team of professional chartered accountants and financial advisors is adept in VAT management and promises to provide consultancy to small enterprises, individuals, and giant corporates.

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Are you still here with us? You must be an individual or a business owner who wants to know about the VAT accounting procedure or needs VAT accounting services in dubai. Our team of professionals at VAT accounting services Dubai is ready to assist you with your business VAT accounting and give you 100% accurate value. With more than seven years of experience in the market, our professionals provide VAT consultancy, training, VAT accounting, return filings, and compliance and control strategy. Suppose you are the one who is looking for a service related to VAT accounting. Click the button below to get a consultant’s advice or book any service.

Q & A


Exempted goods and services list in UAE.

  • Financial services not conducted in return for a salary, wages, discount, commission, rebate, or any similar return are exempted.

In the UAE, there are two VAT rates applicable: The standard rate of 5% and the zero rate of 0%. We can also find supplies exempted from VAT. Though VAT is not accounted for in respect of both zero-rated and exempt supplies, there is an essential distinction between the two.

The taxable person will incur a late payment penalty as follows:

2% of the unpaid tax is due quickly. 

4% is due after a week following the exact limit for payment. 

1% daily penalty will be imposed on any amount still unpaid after a one-month deadline for payment, up to a maximum of 300%.

The VAT Refund Scheme in Dubai and UAE allows you to claim 85% of the total VAT amount paid, minus a fee of AED 4.80 per Tax-Free Dubai Tag. The total amount will automatically be calculated throughout the VAT Refund Process.

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