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Professional Fraud investigation Auditors

Fraud Investigation Audit Dubai

Falsifying records or papers with the purpose to deceive others may be considered fraud. Fraud is typically committed against a company in a disproportionate way or occasionally with the intention of exacting revenge on a particular person.
The largest risk that every company faces is fraud, which may have a number of negative consequences, including loss of reputation, financial loss, property damage, embarrassment, and more.

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Fraud Investigation

Thing you need to know about Fraud Investigation

Frauds are frequently committed against businesses or corporations in an effort to obtain an unfair advantage, profit, or harm their reputation in the marketplace. Investigations into fraud are difficult since they are planned methodically. As a result, it is frequently only discovered via careful examination.

Since the conclusion does not require expressing a judgment on a client’s financial accounts, a fraud audit is essentially a consulting service rather than a specific form of audit. A
Fraud Investigation Audit In Dubai involves more interviews than a regular audit since the auditors are also looking for information from employees who may have observed conduct that is suggestive of fraud.

CPA boasts of an excellent and competitive team providing some of the best fraud investigation services. You may be sure that we are knowledgeable in this area and many others thanks to our reputation for providing quality service and our team of experienced, certified fraud examiners. We also make sure you are aware of the fraud’s losses, estimate how much they are, and are even ready to do a business value at your request.


All About Our Services

Investigative auditing includes money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud tracing, quantification, and prevention. Investigative auditing is the evaluation of financial statements and the application of accounting principles to identify financial irregularities, theft, and poor management of financial and operational activities, as well as to track the movement of resources inside businesses.

Investigative auditing’s objectives include, among others, the identification of suspects, assessment of losses, quantification of losses, mitigation of losses, detection of financial activity, and tracking of financial assets.

Investigative auditing’s ideal goals include identifying suspects, identifying financial irregularities, and making recommendations for how to fix them, gathering strong evidence against the suspect, presenting the case in court, and making appropriate recommendations for preventing similar frauds in the future. Among the auditing services are examining the organization’s alleged financial and operational practices aid in preventing fraud by investigating report creation based on inquiry results assistance with bringing a lawsuit against the person being detained for questioning audit firms offering a full-time forensic accountant.

CPA offers comprehensive services to customers on all safety and insurance issues in order to assist you in carrying out the plans and maximize value while minimizing effort. Investigative forensic auditors employed by CPAs are experts in probing corporate audits. We have skilled forensic auditors who focus solely on investigating the ongoing investigation issues of a firm.

Fraud Investigation Audit In Dubai


Key Benefits

Fraud investigation audits are required to combat fraud and to determine the precise scope of committed fraud. It is also necessary to pinpoint the deficiencies that led to fraud. A corporation might analyze the true damage it has endured in terms of both financial and non-financial components with the use of a fraud investigation audit. If conducted out, a thorough fraud investigation report with adequate evidence can aid in judicial procedures.

It’s a necessary to avail the services of a competent firm in order to reverse the losses caused by fraud. For this reason, CPA ranks high among the firms which provide some of the best services regarding fraud investigation audit in Dubai. Some key benefits of fraud investigation audit in Dubai are:

Investigations into internal fraud help to find internal fraud.

The company's control system is enhanced.

A fraud investigation audit report can help a business protect its brand and prevent long-term harm.

It serves as factual data that may be used as a document in court.

Fraud Investigation Process

Fraud Investigation Audit in Dubai Process

Fraud, fear accounts, and forensic tax evasion are all targets of fraud investigation audits that are conducted to find, monitor, assess, and combat them. It comprises a thorough examination of a company’s financial records in order to identify financial anomalies. Additionally, it determines any accounting errors, identifies the culprit, gathers compelling evidence against the suspect, and offers a sensible plan to stop future fraud.There are several methods that fraud may be carried out. The following list includes a few of the several methods:

These forensic accountants must have at least a year of experience and a thorough comprehension of all the company’s financial records in order to execute their crucial job in the organisation. In order to immediately focus their inquiry, they must be able to spot any inconsistency in the company’s financial data. An auditor who works in the investigation of audit companies in Dubai is often referred to as a forensic auditor. They look into a company’s financial records in order to track out the suspect and his or her benefits.

Brainstorming Session – In this process, the partner in charge of the audit will conduct interviews to look at how businesses report fraud. A skilled investigator needs the meeting to provide information on various frauds reported by a comparable firm and assist in identifying the organization’s risk indicators.

Trial Journal Entry – The auditors look for any sign of control in the company’s journal entries. The auditor reviews and seeks supporting evidence that validates each journal part as their understanding of the company’s controls and systems grows.

Accounting Estimates – Estimates from accounting companies in Dubai are clearly a target for fraud. Due to the abstract nature of accounting estimates, the board might influence them to regulate the financial reporting. An auditor initially determines if the philosophy of accounting estimates from the previous year have been revised. If anything changes, it can be a sign that things are under control. Additionally, he or she examines the overall directionalities of the assessments.

Reviewing – By conducting periodic assessments of the company, management will be better able to identify and stop fraudulent activity. When such an action is discovered, management can take preventative measures to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Why Us

Why Choose CPA?

CPA is an auditing services company in Dubai that offers management, accounting, and auditing services. At CPA, we help our customers spot potential fraud by examining business processes, controls, and procedures. We also produce a thorough fraud investigation report within a short period of time. 

We have a diligent team that thoroughly analyzes the fraudulent case in order to prepare the best case tailored to the client’s needs.

Fraud Investigation Audi Dubai
Dubai Fraud Investigation Audit

Our Strategy

Our Creative Strategy

Complicated issues may come up in a company environment that is becoming more sophisticated. However, there is a significant distinction between suspicion and reality. It is crucial to swiftly uncover the truth. It’s crucial to collect evidence that can stand up to examination. When problems develop, you need forensic accountants who can quickly solve the riddle and properly record the facts so you may proceed with the required knowledge

CPAs with forensic accounting and investigation experience have the knowledge and expertise to address complex problems involving everyone from entry-level employees to senior management. This makes us the best choice to avail accounting services. The experience of our staff is extensive and includes:

Forensics for computers and data mining

Asset tracking, waste, fraud, and embezzlement


Financial fraud, includes falsifying financial statements and making false statements

Background checks/doing your homework

Our determination allows us to perform well and provide our clients with the best services.

Q & A


The 2017 excise tax is an indirect tax solely levied on “excise items,” which include carbonated beverages, energy drinks, tobacco, and its byproducts. Both persons and the environment are harmed by these products. Additionally, there is an excise duty on beverages with added sugar, electronic cigarette equipment, and liquids.

The goal of the audit is the fundamental distinction between it and a fraud investigation audit. While an investigative audit focuses on an issue that has been identified by the client, an attestation service is conducted to confirm the accuracy of the financial records.


A type of commercial insurance called fidelity insurance may guard the insured against financial or material damage brought on by employee deception.


  • The person or group must be familiar with money and the upkeep of all the books of accounts.
  • They should be knowledgeable about the ways in which businesses might falsify their financial records, and they should also be curious and open to trying out novel approaches to spotting irregularities inside the company.
  • Before using a person’s services, it is advisable to check their recommendations from genuine auditors or examiners.

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