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Trademark Registration in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates’ business infrastructure has led to more competition in the market. Some companies may even see their brand name or logo being copied without their permission, which can impact their business. That’s where trademark registration in Dubai can help.

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The Ultimate Guide of Trademark Registration in Dubai

Legally registering your trademark, which can be a name or a symbol, in Dubai protects your company from infringement and other legal issues. In addition to this, you will be legally recognized as the owner of the goods and services with that trademark.

Federal law in Dubai protects all trademarks registered in the country. If you are looking to file a trademark registration in Dubai, you can do so using the UAE Trademark Law. These clauses are intended to protect the interests of both our customers and our company.

A brand is a brand name, symbol, or logo used to identify goods or services offered by a particular company. A trademark can be a name, word, signature, letter, symbol, design, drawing, text, image, or advertisement used to distinguish a set of products, goods and services belonging to one certain owner or from a certain source.

Registering a trademark in Dubai has many advantages, such as protecting your trademark and ensuring that other companies cannot copy or imitate your trademark. The UAE Ministry of Economy is the official body that manages the registration, renewal, and cancellation of trademarks.

Any trademark registered in the United Arab Emirates is safeguarded by the nation’s federal laws. If you’re looking for information on how to register a trademark in Dubai, you may do so in accordance with the country’s Trademark Register Laws, which serve to protect both the interests of the business and its consumers.

How We Operate Our Trademark Registration Services in Dubai

The first and foremost process of trademark protection in Dubai is to register the trademark with the UAE Ministry of Economy by filing an application with the trademark office. In addition, very little is known about trademark registration with Dubai Customs and intellectual property protection services provided by the Dubai economy.

Many companies believe that registering a trademark with the UAE Ministry of Economy and getting a trademark certificate will protect their trademark from being copied and sold on the gray market, which is not enough. Once a trademark certificate is issued, trademark owners must register their trademark with UAE Customs and Dubai Economy for additional protection.

We are a team of capable and competent professionals who can assist companies in the entire process of trademark registration in Dubai. As one of the reputable intellectual property firms in Dubai and UAE, CPA’s excellent trademark agents assist trademark owners to register their trademarks in accordance with UAE trademark law. Here are some of the ways in which we an provide help for trademark registration in Dubai:

Key Benefits of Trademark Registration

A great brand should be easy to talk to, easy to remember, and should never lose its uniqueness and uniqueness that sets it apart from the rest. A consumer’s decision to purchase a product or service is heavily influenced by goodwill and brand reputation.

It also makes sense to understand that a registered trademark is trustworthy, as it is the identifier of the origin of a product. Therefore, registered trademark owners are wary of selling low-quality trademarks as it undermines brand identity.

If you don’t register your trademark, anyone can use it. In such a scenario, your firm would be in difficulty. Getting a registered trademark offers you the necessary protection and protects your brand. A trademark registration is a highly powerful weapon since it stops others from duplicating your logo and making money off the goodwill associated with your brand name.

Additionally, it provides you the right to take legal action against anybody who uses an identical or confusingly similar trademark to deceive consumers and hurt your business. You cannot legally expand and defend your company if you don’t register your brand.

Safety for your company

Trademark Registration in Dubai has the same worth as an immovable object. It can be utilized to get bank loans. A trademark will protect your brand from unethical acts like the usage of a similar one by anybody who could cause customer misunderstanding. It can be used to file a lawsuit to stop infringement.

Gives your brand identity and stability

You may establish a powerful customer presence for your brand by registering a trademark. Your brand identity and loyalty are maintained, and authenticity is ensured. Brands are able to operate freely and without interference from the law thanks to trademarks. Trademarked assets are perfect for marketing since they provide you a competitive edge and make it easier to spread the word about your brand thanks to the registered symbols.


Brands can submit a complaint against anybody using their trademark improperly by registering their trademark. It deters forgeries, aids in handling any duplicate items, and stops any unlawful import or export. It is an acceptable ownership document. You will have the only right to utilize a registered trademark in your marketing campaigns once you become its owner.

Trademark Registration Process

In order to register their brand assets, businesses in the United Arab Emirates must first complete an application form and supply the necessary supporting documentation. In order to protect the organization’s brand assets against imitation or counterfeiting, CPA will manage the situation with the highest accuracy and carry out the necessary procedures.

The Trademark Law in the UAE [Federal Law No.37 of 1992 (Further Amendments Over the Years)] offers the rights of Trademarks to UAE Nationals and Non-Nationals who operate commercial, industrial, and service or handicraft businesses in the area. The law assists in protecting the company’s marketing materials, including as logos, packaging, signatures, taglines, patterns, seals, and other brand identifiers, from being reproduced. A trademark registration promotes brand recognition, increased consumer confidence, staff motivation, business expansion into new markets, and more.

The UAE observes strict regulations for the trademark registration process. Obtaining your trademark registration in Dubai is a clearly defined process consisting of the following steps:

The following paperwork is needed for Trademark Registration in Dubai and UAE:

Why Choose CPA for Trademark Registration?

Since CPA can help companies with every step of the trademark registration procedure in Dubai, it should not be a difficult task. The highly skilled trademark agents at CPA, one of the most well-known intellectual property organization in Dubai and the UAE, assist brand owners in trademark registration in Dubai with accordance with the UAE Trademark Law.

CPA offers efficient trademark registration in Dubai & search services with a wealth of expertise and excellent efficiency to ensure that the proposed trademarks would not infringe on the existing trademarks, hence lowering the likelihood of opposition. CPA makes sure that trademarks are protected from any possible intellectual property infringement in the UAE and represents clients in the event that a violation is found.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a seasoned business adviser who is familiar with the UAE’s trademark registration procedure. At the lowest price in the UAE, we offer trademark registration in Dubai for your company’s name, logo, slogan, brand signature, etc. We offer complete support for registering your brand assets’ trademarks in the UAE as soon as feasible and for a reasonable price.

Our Creative Strategy

CPA is a full-service IP business. You may get help from CPA’s team of trademark agents in the UAE by using the following Services:

  • Advice on trademark selection, retention, and registration through search report.
  • Application preparation and prosecution for trademarks
  • Based on the kind of company, provide guidance on the registration in the appropriate trademark classes.
  • Maintain trademark rights, including paying renewal costs.
  • Keep track of any changes to a trademark, such as name changes, address changes, mergers, mortgages, license changes, and rights franchising.
  • Maintain a watch service to keep an eye out for trademark infringement in the pertinent jurisdictions.
  • Conduct market research to identify probable instances of piracy and counterfeiting.
  • Help people in the UAE file complaints about trademark infringement by providing guidance.
  • Apply to record a registered trademark with the UAE customs authority.
  • Submit a trademark protection application to Dubai Economy
  • Help with product registration with UAE government agencies.
  • Assist in submitting administrative complaints about bogus items.
  • Modification of a registered trademark
  • Keeping a registered trademark. active
  • Recording of assignment changes (change of ownership)
  • Cancel or object to registrations being granted before national offices.


  • The following sorts of trademarks can be registered:
  • Shape,
  • sound,
  • patter trademars,
  • certification marks,
  • collective trademarks ,
  • service marks, and product marks

    Contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our trademark registration experts in Dubai if you are unsure about whether your proposed mark may be registered or not.

A trademark that is successfully registered has a ten (10) year expiration date. If the additional payments are paid, the validity of a registered trademark in the UAE may be extended.

All types of names, including company names, product names, labels, and emblems, may be registered as trademarks. The best line of action for brand protection is trademark registration in Dubai.

trademark registration in dubai
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