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Cashflow Forecasting Services Dubai

Reduce risks and achieve strategic goals to increase business growth with our Cashflow Forecasting Services Dubai

Helping business owners manage their cash & forecast their business’s future. Capital Plus Auditing of Accounts is providing Affordable Cashflow management and Cashflow Forecasting services.

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Cashflow Forecasting Services

What is Cashflow Forecasting

Cashflow forecasting & management is a systematic process of managing and estimating the flow of cash coming in and out of the business. It analyzes the company’s sources and use of revenue or cash, the money that comes from the purchases of goods or services by the customers is referred to as “cash into”. Similarly, if a company pays for expenditures or expenses necessary to run the business, for example, the rental cost, utility bills, and staff salaries are examples of the usage of cash and it is referred to as “cash out”. If the cash-in is more than the cash-out, this is a positive sign and represents the business’s growth, referred to as positive cash flow. If a business is paying more than it generates, it is referred to as negative cash flow. This is a bad sign and represents a decline in business growth.
Cashflow forecasting projects the income and expenses. Usually, it covers the 12 months period of time but it can be used for shorter periods such as months or weeks.

Cashflow Forecasting

Importance of Cashflow Forecasting

Running a business is tough, managing all the operations, and trying to generate more and more sales, it becomes difficult to manage finance properly but financial management such as cash flow management and forecasting plays a vital role in the success and growth of your business.

After incorporation, you have to manage cash flow and keep all the records manage to meet tax compliance but cash flow management & forecasting have huge importance, it is not limited to meeting compliance only, because cash is the most important part of a new or small business, it helps in planning future endeavors and making the right decisions.

Cashflow forecasting will help you measure if you are going to have enough money to run a business smoothly. Forecasting will help you make your budgets, and plan to spend and it will also predict cash gaps & surpluses.

Cashflow forecasting services in dubai

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of CashFlow Forecasting Services in Dubai

Positive cashflow is a great thing and it represents business growth, more cash means more strategic development. Here are some of the key benefits of cashflow management & forecasting:

Future Planning

Cashflow management & forecasting helps you plan for future cash gaps and surplus; a clear picture of your finances can help you plan for future endeavors to grow your business and achieve strategic objectives.

Track Overdue Payments:

Late payments are a huge pain for business owners. Having detailed insights into late payers and overdue payments can be helpful in avoiding a drastic impact on a business’s growth. This helps in the implementation of an effective credit control system.


With cashflow management & forecasting, a business owner can have a clear picture of cash-in and cash-out. This represents the overall health of the business with a transparent report of where it stands.

Cashflow Management Services

Our Cashflow Management & Forecasting Services in Dubai

At CPA, our team of professional auditors and accountants has expertise in cash flow management and cashflow forecasting services in Dubai and we can help you manage cash-in and cash-out. Along with that, we will provide detailed cash flow forecast reports. Here is how we handle cashflow management & forecasting:

Q & A


In order to start cashflow forecasting, we will need the following documents:The income statements The balance sheets

Cashflow forecasting helps business owners understand the cash-in and cash-out if cash-in is greater than cash-out this is a positive sign. Similarly, if the cash-out is greater than the cash-in, this represents a decrease in business growth i.e., sales and revenue generation.

Yes, our experts can provide proper guidance and help you implement a systematic approach to managing cash flow which will help you forecast your business’s future.

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