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Internal Audit

What is Internal Audit?

Services related to your business compliance, operational, financial, and information technology audits are referred to as internal audit. Any professional who conducts these audits is commonly known as an internal auditor.

Our team’s internal auditor will help you thoroughly audit your business. They are trained professional who works with companies to deliver independent and fair valuations of financial and operational business activities, including corporate governance.
Internal audit assess a business’s internal parameters, including its collective command and accounting processes. These audits ensure agreements with laws and regulations and help to maintain precise and regular financial reporting and data collection.


What are the Benefits of Internal Audit in Dubai?

The Internal Audit department is one of the most significant pillars of an organization. It requires highly skilled internal auditors who can function without bias and internal conflicts. In addition, many entities need help to maintain an in-house internal team and plan to outsource. Outsourcing the Internal Audit services has several significant benefits, which include the following.

Reduces cost and time

An in-house internal audit team is more expensive than an outsourcing company. Therefore, outsourcing helps entities reduce costs, giving employees sufficient time to focus on the core activities of their business.

Unbiased Appraisal

An external party can give better insights into a company's performance than employees within the firm. As a result, there are fewer chances for conflict and competition. It can also lead to great ideas & proposals for enhanced performance and alleviation of risks & control.

Imparting industry best practice

Independent consultants have a better understanding of issues, be they industry-specific or general. As a result, they would have helped numerous companies with their internal audit function and will have the upper hand in analyzing and solving issues.

Functional Diversity

An outsourced internal audit team will likely have domain experts from diverse fields such as Finance, Operations, Human Resources, IT, and even Strategy. People with various skill sets are an asset, and it is usually rare to find it in a relatively more minor internal team.

Assures independence

An internal audit team within the organization might feel less empowered compared to an outsourced team, as the possibility of management not giving importance to their opinions are relatively high. They can't operate independently and according to their will.

Enhance Efficiency

Identifying redundant business practices and procedures and developing recommendations to improve or streamline processes becomes more accessible. In turn, it can save businesses both time and money.


Stages / Procedure of Internal Audit

Our clients choose CPA for our easy-to-work and highly responsive approach, our mission is to help you and your organization become more successful by taking all the worries of your financial issues away.


During the planning phase of the Audit, the auditor will notify and discuss the examination's scope and objectivities in a formal meeting. This meeting will be held with organization management to gather information on critical processes and evaluates existing controls and plans for the remaining audit steps.​

Announcement Letter​

Internal Auditor Service will inform you about the Audit through a declaration letter from the Internal Audit Director. This letter conveys the objectives and goals of the Audit, as well as; information about the concerned auditors for the project and other relevant information.​

Opening Conference​

A professional from Internal Audit services in Dubai will discuss the process and the plan for completing the Audit. During this meeting, you must describe the unit or system to be reviewed, the organization, available resources, and other relevant information. In addition, the client must identify issues or areas of particular concern that should address.​

Introductory Survey​

In this phase, the internal auditor will collect relevant information about the company to obtain a general overview of operations. In addition, they meet with key personnel to review reports, files, and other sources of information.​

Audit Report​

Our final product will be the report in which we document our audit observations and recommendations for improvements. Internal audit also includes management's response and implementation plan, the time frame for completion, and responsible individuals.​

Transaction Testing​

After completing the survey, the auditor performs the procedures in the audit program. These procedures usually test the major internal controls and the accuracy and propriety of the transactions. Various techniques, including sampling, are used during the fieldwork phase.​

Consulting & Communication

As the fieldwork proceeds, the auditor discusses any significant findings with the client. These findings will allow you to put forward insights and work with the auditor to determine the perfect way of resolving the conclusion. Usually, these communications are oral. However, memos and e-mails are written in more complex situations to ensure complete understanding by the client and the auditor.​

Audit Report Discussion

After fieldwork, the auditor prepares a "draft" report. Audit management thoroughly reviews the audit working papers and the discussion draft before it is presented to the client for comment. This discussion draft is prepared for the unit's operational management and is submitted for the client's review before the exit conference.​


The fieldwork focuses on transaction testing and informal communications. During this phase, the auditor determines whether the controls identified during the induction review operate successfully and in the way described by the customers. The fieldwork stage summarizes the list of significant findings from which the auditor will prepare a final audit report draft.​

Audit Conclusion​

On finishing the fieldwork, the auditor concludes the audit findings, assumptions, and suggestions required to discuss with the business owner.​

Exit Conference​

When audit management has approved the discussion draft, Internal Audit meets with the unit's management team to discuss the draft's findings, recommendations, and text. The client comments on the draft at this meeting, and the groups work to agree on the audit findings. ​

Formal Draft ​

The auditor prepares a formal draft, considering any revisions resulting from the exit conference and other discussions. The final report is issued when the changes have been reviewed by audit management and the client.

Final Report​

Internal Audit distributes the final report to the unit's operating management, the unit's reporting supervisor, the Vice President for Administration, the University President, the Controller, the Audit Committee Chairman, and other appropriate senior university management members. This report is primarily for internal University management use. The Chief Internal Auditor's approval is required to release the information outside the company.​

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