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Who We Are

Who We Are

The government’s legal radars are looking on the hunt for the businesses that take their VAT returns easy. Save your business from such inconveniences. Simply submitting is not enough. Businesses must file VAT filing is specified time period to maintain their professional outlook.

Although VAT filers may submit the VAT returns themselves, a small mistake may cost rejection of the filing. Filing is a nuanced process with many crucial documents or data points involved. After correction, businesses may miss the deadline when filing for a second submission. This is the reason, businesses need professional agents to assist in VAT filings.

Our agency provides VAT returns filing service in Dubai. We are FTA certified agency with a proven track record of our professionals. Our quality-obsessed team makes sure a business never misses its deadline. We help not only in VAT returns filings but also help in formulating your tax strategy once you have successfully submitted VAT returns.
VAT Returns Filing Services in Dubai

VAT returns filing law

VAT returns filing law in Dubai and types of Filers

VAT or value-added Tax was introduced in UAE on January 1, 2018. VAT is a tax that businesses collect from customers which are then submitted to the government in the tax filings. While some of the goods and services were zero-rated, VAT was imposed on most of the goods and services. VAT is levied on all sizes of businesses: small, medium, or large corporations.

Once a business registers for VAT, TRN is allocated to the business. Every business registered Under VAT must submit their  vat return filing UAE within 28 days. These 28 days are counted after the end of the tax period for business as specified by Federal Tax Authority(FTA). Once a business is registered under VAT, the standard period for filing is 3 months. But in some cases, businesses may file monthly returns.

The VAT incurred by a business depends on the expense of the business in a fiscal year. Once a business registers for VAT, it provides information about input and output VAT throughout the fiscal year. Balance is paid to the government in VAT filling if the output VAT exceeds the input VAT. There are 3 types of VAT fillers. VAT is mandatory to file if your business expense on taxable supplies and imports exceeds AED 375,000. If the same expense is between 185,500 and 375,000. However, a business is not required to file for VAT if the taxable supplies and imports are valued at less than AED 187,500.

VAT returns filling service and other emirates of UAE require professional help from experienced tax agents that have a proven record of error-free Vat fillings.

Importance of VAT

Importance of getting timely VAT returns filing services in dubai

VAT returns fillings in Dubai and UAE is one of the most important legal requirements of a business. The deadline for VAT fillings is 28 days after the announcement of the month specified as the tax period. The penalty for missing the deadline for VAT returns filling is AED 10,000. The monetary penalty is not the only loss that a business may incur. The drop in the company’s rating and image affects business many years down the line.

Benefits of Expedient VAT Return filings services

The UAE government has introduced a new and effective system with the introduction of VAT law in 2018. the purpose of this law is to compel businesses to meet the utmost level of transparency and compliance. Although, the process may have become stricter and requires extensive professional help, the benefits of this service outweigh the efforts done in VAT returns filling. Therefore, a timely filling of VAT returns in UAE and Dubai results in all types of legal, operational, and financial benefits.  Following are some of the benefits

Process of VAT

The Process of VAT returns filing in Dubai and UAE

The process of VAT returns filling in Dubai and other emirates follow similar steps. Following are the main steps a business takes to acquire VAT certification in Dubai:

Make an account for VAT fillings on the FTA website.

VAT 201 form through e-services on the FTA portal. Go to E-services on the FTA portal.

Wait for review of documents by FTA.

Submit the form along with the required documents.

Tax registration number (TRN) allotted

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us ?

Missing a VAT returns filing deadline has both monetary and professional costs for a business. On one side a business is liable to pay AED 10,000 as a penalty charge, on the other hand, the compromise on the professional values of a business has serious repercussions later in business life. This is the reason a business needs a professional VAT returns filing firm that has a proven record. Hiring a quality-obsessed firm will save you many inconveniences and worries. Our firm guarantees businesses such quality service. Following are the merits of our agency:
VAT Returns Filing Service in Dubai
Dubai VAT Returns Filing Service

Creative Strategy

Our Unique Creative Strategy for VAT Returns Filings

VAT Returns Filing

Requirements to get our VAT Returns Filing Services in Dubai

The information given to FTA should be 100% accurate, well-presented and formatted. Business owners and filers must make the submission unobjectionable in every way possible to have timely approval. Have a look at the following list of the documents required for VAT returns fillings:

Data required

Documents required

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We are here to guide you further and clear any doubts. Our team can be reached through email or call. Our consultancy team will assist you in taking your first step and getting you prepared for the VAT returns filing Services in Dubai and UAE.

Q & A


Once you have made sure you all tax returns requirements, visit and register on the portal.

You have a mandatory legal obligation to register VAT if your business supplies and imports are in excess of AED 375,000 per annum. But if it only exceeds AED 185,500, it is optional to register

Yes, the Vat return depends on the business’s expenses in a fiscal year.

You may pay through a credit card or e-Dirham card, Bank transfer, eDebit.

Yes, you can submit yourself through the FTA portal. However, it is advisable to hire an agency.

Yes, you may submit quarterly or monthly returns.

No, but it is advisable to have professional help as it is a complex process.

You are penalized to pay 2% of the unpaid tax immediately after the deadline and 4% on the seventh day. 1% is still charged daily if tax is unpaid after 1 month of the due date.

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