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Financial investigation and analysis of your business, regular auditing, increase operational efficiency, risk evaluation, and protect your assets. Our External Audit services in Dubai  are a single click away.

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External Audit

What is External Audit Services in Dubai?​

The external audit is an independent valuation of a company’s financial records. Audits offer to encourage stakeholders that the company’s financial records are free from misleading information. External auditors are observed as unbiased, experienced personnel to analyze the business’s financial position & procedures. Getting your accounts audited by external auditors increases the reputation & decreases the risk of improper accounting entries.
Successful businesses in Dubai rely heavily on regular external audit services . With proper accounting and regular auditing, you may believe your business journey is profitable, but you may losing money. Therefore, in this situation, you must maintain your auditing and accounting records regularly. Every business needs to solve its accounting complications, so they need the help of professional and certified external auditors in Dubai. An audit report focuses on highlighting whether the financial statements prepared by an organization present an honest and fair image of the business and if they have been developed according to an applicable reporting framework.


What are the Benefits of External Audits in Dubai

Accounts Transparency

Transparency is the access and proper disclosure of financial information, such as a company's audited financial reports. Transparency also involves clarity with investment firms and funds surrounding the various fees charged to clients.

Monitor the Integrity of financial statements

The Integrity of financial statements authorizes your professional staff to remain sincere with your clients and stop them from using customers' financial information for personal gain.

Financial Details Assurance

To ensure every individual item presented in the financial statements gives a complete & accurate understanding of it. Moreover, it will assure you all details provided are hundred percent correct, concise, and precisely delivered.

Prevent fraud

Recognize red flags that may have executed fraudulent activity in near future. Understand the attributes of fraud and the particular techniques, schemes, and strategies used to commit fraud.

Track financial status

Auditors collect proof through inspection inquiries, monitoring, third-party confirmations, testing of selected transactions, and other procedures. External auditing of your business is responsible for your financial tracking stratus.

Assess system

External audit services in Dubai will audit, analyze, and understand your business company environment. For example, to identify the risk of material misreports of the financial statements, whether due to fraud or error.

Provides solution

Audit services will provide you with solutions to your financial problems. Auditors will gather all the notes and documentation through their inspection to be given to business owners.

Better decision-making

External auditing help business owners achieve their objectives and realistic goals by bringing a standardized, disciplined approach to assess & improve the benefits of risk management.

Promoting the good business practice

External Auditors study cash flows, market risk, and the controls the organization has in place to prevent those risks. If particular threats are identified, auditors discuss them with management and recommend reducing the risks.

Growing your business

Auditing and accounting of businesses will enable them to identify deficiencies in the accounting systems. External audit services in Dubai also help make your business more efficient and less vulnerable to fraud or error.


Stages / procedure of External Audit Services in Dubai?

How will we do an external audit of your business? Our team will follow some recommended steps during external auditing in Dubai to get precise financial records and statements. These are as follows:

Identify Your Objectives

External auditing help business owners achieve their objectives and realistic goals by bringing a standardized, disciplined approach to assess & improve the benefits of risk management.

Evaluate and Communicate the Results

Your audit findings will be analyzed and presented before your committee and staff. They will figure out some errors and assist us in obtaining perfect results.

Supervise an Audit Entrance Meeting

We will conduct an initial meeting with your senior management, presenting your objectives and desired goals, the process that will follow, and the time frame for the external audit in Dubai.

Supervise an Audit Exit Meeting

At the end of the audit, our team will again conduct an exit meeting with your staff and senior team members. Furthermore, we will ensure that the whole staff of your business is on the same page as the others.

Declare the Audit

In the second step; we will declare in your company that the audit is taking place. So that every one of your team members, including senior management and stakeholders, assist our experts in gathering all the required samples.

Fieldwork or investigations

Once your action plan is presented, the external audit procedures will begin. Fieldwork will involve a full inquiry into your security system and tests of controls. Collecting the required appropriate evidence and assessing the threat of any material misstatements will be the central part of investigations.

External Audit Report

Issuing an audit report based on evidence gathered, providing a free, suitable opinion, consultancy, and advice by our industry leader. That will assist you to grow your business rapidly and overcome financial threats.

Audit services in dubai

Why should you hire CPA Dubai External Audit services?

Qualified and Certified Team

We have a group of highly experienced and certified professionals with experience of more than 4 years. The auditing field requires experienced personnel to conduct auditing and accounting services, so make it error-free. Otherwise, an inexperienced team can ruin your business too.

High Knowledge of Relative Software

External auditing services depend on software and programs for better and more precise results. Our auditors are highly experienced in using different required software and programs. That will help you to get realistic values and financial records of your business.

Qualified Opinion and Consultancy Advise

No matter how rapidly your business is growing, profitable, and managed. It would be best if you still had a qualified opinion for your future plan and launching of new items. Our firms have professional consultants whose advice can be 10X your sales and profit.

Personalized and Value-added Services.

Owners prefer services and experience specific to their business niche and your industry. We have certified accountants that will help you in the following sectors.

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