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Best Free Zone Company Formation Services in Dubai for investors and entrepreneurs

Free zone company formation Dubai

Free Zone Company Formatio can be a stress-free process. With our creative strategy, get a speedy registration in any Dubai Free Zone.

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Free Zone Company

Money flows free with Free Zone Company

Dubai Freezones are specially designated areas where foreigners operate their businesses while retaining full ownership of their businesses. It is one of the most lucrative business strategies for expatriates no matter what nationality. Currently, there are more than 45 Free Zones in the UAE including Dubai and these zones have registered more than 8000 companies so far.

The Freezones of UAE has come to be known as the best trading hubs in the world. This came to realization due to the support offered by the UAE government for Free Zone Company Formation. Now, the process is affordable without any unnecessary badgering from the authorities. It is evident from the cost of registration free Free Zone Company Formation at AED 11,900.

Before moving on to the process of Free zone company formation, it is better to have a clear understanding of the phenomenon of Free Zone. For this, an investor needs to understand some key terminology discussed below:

Free Zone

What is a Free Zone License in UAE and Dubai?

A Free Zone license is a legal document that a company gets once it is approved to conduct its business in designated free zone areas. The type of license however depends on the type of business activity. Every free zone has its own license-issuing authority.

Trading license does not restrict an investor to choose only one activity for their business. They may choose many. But. then again this depends on the type of business and the free zone-specific policies. For example. SHAMS free zone allows investors to choose up to 3 business activities without paying any cost.

Free Zone Company

What is a Dubai Free Zone Company?

It is a legal entity with a trading license from a free zone authority to conduct business in the particular zone. There are two main types of companies that can be registered in free zone. but the most common one is Free Zone Establishment (FZE). FZE has only one shareholder.

However, if the number of shareholders exceed one, then a Free Zone Company ( FZC) should be registered.

Importance of Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

Free zone company formation is as convenient as it gets. Yet small carelessness can cause years of problems down the road in the form of various hindrances and let alone the price businesses pay for fixing these mistakes. Therefore it is advisable that you don’t leave the company formation process to chance:

Get Professional Help

Our firm has a track record of success in free zone company formation. We have indepth understanding of the legal structure of UAE, its trading policies and businesses issues.


Benefits of Free Zone Company Formation

Take a look at the unexhaustive list of benefits that an investor or owner of the company gets when he/she gets our Dubai Free Zone Company Formation Services
Once a free zone company is incorporated in Dubai, the company incurs following benefits:
These are by no means an exhaustive list of benefits of Free Zone Company Formation. CPA will ensure you dont miss any of these benefits and more.

Business packages

Low-Cost Business license packages

Some zone offer a low-cost package to register a business in UAE. Example of some theses packages are given below:
  1. Marketing, legal and professionals can obtain license for AED 11, 743 (not including the visa adn other cost).
  2. A 3-year license for services professional costs AED 32, 712.
There are many packages like these. They cost lowers the regular licensing fees which is AED 11, 900 in Dubai.

Company Formation

Our Free Zone Company Formation Strategy

We are a one-stop solution for all your Free Zone company formation needs. We take care of the registration process. Once you register with us, you shift all your worries to us regarding the free zone company formation. When it comes to free zone company formation, we are synonymous with speed.We will take you through the following steps in your journey of Free Zone Company Formation:
    1. Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai.
    2. Acquiring a trading license.
    3. Getting you registered with the chamber of commerce.
    4. Company Bank account.
    5. Getting the director Visa and family Visa.
    6. Hiring the administrative staff, bookkeeping and accounting services.
Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

process to register

9-step process to register a company in Dubai Free zones

It is a great milestone to get your company registered in the free zones of Dubai. These are the step you follow to successfully incorporate a company in the free zone.

Determine Freezone

Determine the correct type of legal entity for Freezone company formation

Although the UAE government has implemented a straightforward process of registering a company in Dubai free zone, identifying the type of legal status of the company is the most basic requirement. It sounds complicated but it really is not due to the fact that there are only two types of freezone companies that you can register. They are:
  1. Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ. LLC) or otherwise known as Free Zone Company (FZ Co.).
  2. Free Zone Establishment (FZE).
However, this should be kept in mind that all free zones register both types of companies. Both types are different in terms of the number of shareholders and the type of shareholder i.e. natural or legal person.For this purpose. You can verify with free zone authorities about the companies that they register in their particular zones.


Requirements for Free Zone Company Formation

Capital Requirements

Documents Requirement

Q & A

FAQs About Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

You don’t need an office to register a Free Zone company.
A bank account can be opened in any bank operating in UAE.
Virtual and physical office spaces have different requirements. Typically, 1 visa is granted for 10 sqm.
Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai costs AED 11,000 subject to the activities and Visas requirements

The Main Free zones in Dubai include Dubai’s south free zone, Jebel Ali free zone (JAFZA), Dubai Health care city, and Dubai silicon oasis.

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