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Top Notch Annual Statutory Audit Service in Dubai

Annual - Statutory Audit Services

Get Your Business Regulatory, Statutory or Performance Audit and Accounting In Easiest and most Secured Way With CPA

Annual Audit of your business financial statements will help your business to provide accurate and measurable data records to the public and your partners under UAE law. Prevent your business from further UAE court penalties by hiring committed and top-notch statutory audit services.

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Statutory audit

CPA Statutory and Annual Audit Services

CPA Annual and Statutory Audit Services, UAE, is focused on providing transparent and accurate financial statement audits, accounting and other assurance services to give valuable insights into your business. Having proper statutory audit services in Dubai helps ensure your business complies with UAE laws, regulations, and accounting standards. A Statutory Audit is a mandatory legal requirement to determine how accurate your organization or company’s records, accounting documents, and financial statements are. It is undertaken to make sure that the organization discloses its financial position fairly. An audit is legally essential to be organized by a business. This type of audit is implemented by the statutes of law or is mandated by the law. It usually is done to help the public, and all the findings are made public.

Statutory audit

Your business financial statements review that has been mandatory by the UAE authorities or the statute of a jurisdiction.

Performance audit

Examining various methods to increase the efficiency and efficacy of a particular business and deciding which way will be more effective.

Regulatory Audit

Audit a particular product to determine if regulations of the specific sector are followed or not.

Statutory Audit

Importance of Statutory audit services

Statutory Audits are aimed to evaluate whether the allocated resources are precise as per the rules and whether all recorded entries are filled inaccurately. All this activity does not imply any misconduct, but it sends a healthy message across organizations that any misconduct or financial crime will be investigated and is strictly discouraged.

Some core values

Some core values you will get for your business with a statutory auditing service  are as follows;

Particular Reasons to Conduct Audit

Every business needs to conduct a statutory audit and hire any outsourced firms to assist them with their statutory audit statements. There are the following reasons why you need statutory audit services.
statutory audit services in dubai


Key Benefits of Statutory audits

Statutory audit is significant for a business or firm as these audits have to be organized by complying with the rules and regulations of the particular jurisdiction. Statutory audit services helps maintain all the abidance necessities of the business. Besides this, there are various other benefits of statutory audits. These are as follows.

As an auditor examines all the financial reports, they provide authenticity to the records of the business. It will also mean that it will better the organization’s credibility, which will, in turn, increase the business’s goodwill. The statutory audit will inspect all the business reports. It will help your business management to expand and scale up the organization’s productivity and provide a more significant benefit to your investors.

It will also help in a better understanding of your business activities and also improves the efficacy of your internal management system. It will lessen business fraud and increase the confidence of the investors and the government in the organization.

Capital Investment​

The cost of capital primarily involves the the risk associated with an investment.


the audited information enhances the owners’ credibility to invest more in business, expanding the market share.

Planning & budgeting

it enables them to be informed regarding the cost and their allocations.


Statutory auditing helps to examine whether the financial statements are prepared under economic standards and regulations.

Decision making

A third-party assurance on financial statements makes management confident that their reports are free from material misstatements. Therefore they could make quick decisions.

Detection of errors and fraud

through the critical examination of finances, we could discover the mistakes arising from omission, commission, or principle along with fraudulent activities.

key benefits

Key Benefits

Before conducting or hiring any statutory audit services in Dubai, make sure you have all the required documents s to proceed. If you don’t have any, try to arrange them before starting your statutory business auditing. Their requirements are the followings,

Local and export sales information And Foreign exchange earnings & expenditures' details

Fixed assets, details of bank statements transactions, cash receipts & payment information

Details of secured and unsecured loans, advances, Trade receivables, and payables

Inventory, administration, and selling expense details And Local & import purchases

Creative Strategy

Our Creative Strategy

The statutory audit procedure includes understanding the business’s core operating domain and controls. A statutory auditor needs to examine internal mechanisms as well as details of accounts.

Understand the operating environment

Understand controls and procedures

Test account balance and details

Conformation of financial reporting and account balance

Re-Performance of the process to ensure valid results

Inspection of pay and receivable transaction

Recalculation or cross check the information presented by business

Statutory audit service

Our Statutory audit service

We provide Statutory audit service to help your business overgrow, focus on your core business operations, and manage your significant staff to scale up your business. We offer statutory, internal, forensic, and external audit services in Dubai. A few of our core finance and statutory audit services in Dubai are as follows

why us

Why Choose Us?

Capital Plus Audits (CPA) is a renowned and professional auditor based in Dubai. They are providing statutory audit services for a long ago. They have the following qualities;

Auditing specialists

Qualified opinion and consultancy advise

Professional and industries expert

High knowledge of the relative software

Know what you need

Personalized and value-added services

Qualified and certified team

Q & A

frequently asked questions

Now it’s easy to hire statutory audit services, you can go for anyone. But here is some precious advice that no one will tell you. You are just a click away from professional and industry experts and statutory audit specialists who already know what you need. They will guide you throughout the process or do it for you. So click the button below, and begin your statutory business auditing before it’s too late

Commercial Companies Law mandates that a Statutory Audit is mandatory for all registered business entities. Certain free zones have unique auditing requirements and do not come under the ambit of Statutory Audit.

For each unit of a foreign company registered in the UAE, it is mandatory to submit audited financial statements.

One of the Codes of Ethics for an Auditor is to maintain confidentiality. It would be enclosed in our contract with the respective client. But, if the law requires the auditors to disclose any information about the client due to suspicion, it will not be considered a breach of confidentiality.

A statutory audit is made by order of the law; a tax audit is a conditional audit under the regulations of the Income Tax Act.

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