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Outsource your business accounting and auditing, keep your account statements and records safe with CPA in a quick and affordable way.

Get assistance with your account records, financial statements, quick bookkeeping, outsourced your accounts and audit services with professional firms. Scale your business and prevent your business from future VAT accounting penalties.

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Accounting Outsourcing

As per the rules and regulations implemented by UAE Commercial Company Law 2015 and UAE VAT Law, each registered company in the UAE is authorized to maintain the books of records.
At CPA, you will get customized solutions taking into account the unique nature of your business without having to set up a complete finance section in your company in Dubai. Our special accounting team takes care of the legal and technical side of accounting so that you can focus on other aspects of business operations.
The core strength of a CPA lies within the talented team who is highly professional, experienced, well-trained & updated with recent changes in IFRS. Our well deliberate accounting & auditing practices can establish proper financial regulation in your organization.

accounting outsourcing services in dubai


Our services in dubai

We help your business to overgrow, focus on your core business operations, manage your significant staff to scale up your business and much more. We offer finance, auditing and accounting, internal audit, forensic audit and external audit services in Dubai. A few of our core finance and auditing services in Dubai are as follows

accounting outsourcing services dubai uae

Why Us

Why Choose us?

CPA’s Outsource Accounting Services in Dubai are the best in all over UAE. It is a one-click solution for all your accounting and auditing needs. We offer exclusive professional accounting services to a wide range of customers. As the leading auditing and accounting company in Dubai, CPA comprises a team of accounting specialists & professionals who are talented and possessive about the services they provide. With more than 10 years of experience providing outsourced accounting services in Dubai, CPA ensures the best results for your business. We offer accounting services across Dubai, whether you are searching for outsourced accounting services in Dubai, Bookkeeping Services in Dubai, Tax Consultants in Dubai, Auditors in Dubai, or CFO Services in Dubai. Capital Plus Auditing is equipped and ready to deliver high-quality services for your business.

Cost-Effective Services

A dedicated or full-time accountant in Dubai can cost you a lot and has associated expenses such as monthly Salary and travel costs. On the other hand, we are entirely another firm. We will handle everything without distracting your business environment and without extra charges etc.

Flexibility in Saving Time

Our Services in Dubai are Specific to your requirements and priorities, our team reports to you regularly. We are flexible with time and generate reports from time to time according to your preferences.

Scope of Scalability

When you outsource your accounting and auditing, you have more chances and scope for scalability. You can focus on your growth rather than struggling with your business accounts and auditing. It will give you much room to focus on your core business operations.


Key Benefits

While outsourcing accounting services in Dubai with capital plus auditing, you will enjoy tangible benefits and some perks of this offer. Outsourced Accounting services in Dubai will help you to go beyond limits. As per law, keeping your account record safe is mandatory. Otherwise, you will get a penalty from higher authorities. Here are some real benefits listed below

Are you still here with us? You must be an individual or a business owner who wants to know about the accounting procedure or needs outsourced accounting services in Dubai.

Q & A


  • Cost-Effective - Can reduce visa cost, Gratuity & Leave Salary
  • Highly qualified professional staff
  • Well Knowledge of Accounting Standards & IFRS
  • Analytical Knowledge in financial statements leads to Quick decision-making.
  • Well-trained and up-to-date with industry changes.

The client's financial information remains highly secure. As a qualified professional, we keep all the client information confidential which will be between you, the outsourced accountant and our Accounts Manager. A separate clause is included in the Contract as well.

Yes, keeping day-to-day accounts is mandatory as per UAE Federal law, and if you are registered for VAT in UAE, you must keep proper books of funds for at least 5 years as per FTA Law.

Administrative penalties for not maintaining proper books of accounts with supporting documents are prescribed under Federal Law which range from AED 10,000 to AED 1,00,000.

Apart from accounting and reporting, the entity gets professional support and guidance on various matters, including Statutory Compliances, Payroll, Banking operations, Budgeting & Forecasting, Fund Raising etc.

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