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DDA Approved Auditors in Dubai

Professional Dubai Development Authority DDA Approved Auditors can jump in to assist you with your Dubai Development authority audit reports services, Profit & loss statement, balance sheet, investments, current assets, other assets, equity, long-term liabilities, and current liabilities. CPA is providing DDA Approved Audit Services in Dubai (All Free Zones)

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The Dubai Development Authority (DDA) has notified all the free zones falling under the DDA regarding the mandatory submission of Audited Financial Reports and a summary sheet by 30th November 2022.

As per Circular 421, All DDA-registered companies except freelancers must submit their audited financial reports by 30th November 2022. If you are a business and fall under DDA-free zones and don’t want to offer financial audits, you will get a penalty from higher authorities.

Importance Of Audit

Importance of Audit in Dubai's Free Zones

You can prepare your business financial audit reports with the help of our Professional DDA Approved Services. Looking for certified auditors to get precise data records of your business financial statements would be best.
Later, you have to provide these audit reports to DDA before its due date. It’s mandatory for all businesses, firms, and companies except freelancers.
 You will confront severe penalties if you cannot submit your business audit report by the due date. The deadline to submit DDA Audited Financial Statements is 30th November 2022.

Trade License Non-Renewal

Suppose you will need to submit the desired financial audit report to DDA. It will penalize your business from renewing of trade license. According to the DED (Department of Economic Development) laws, a company that runs its business without a valid business license will face a fine of AED 5000 and an additional AED 250 if the license is not renewed before it expires. When you cannot restore your trade license, it will cost you massive cash.

Penalty for Non-Compliance

Suppose you submit your financial audit reports after due time. You will be considered the company trading in its name and for its benefit without market approval. In this case, you will be fine up to 5,000 AED – 20,000 AED. To handle all the scenarios and keep your business safe from getting fined or penalized, you need approved auditors in Dubai by DDA.
To handle all the scenarios and keep your business safe from getting fined or penalized, you need us.


Our Creative Strategy

As prescribed for every external/statutory audit, the process covers all aspects to ensure compliance with the relevant laws, especially per DDA laws.
The procedures we follow cover the following stages

Initial planning to understand the scope of your audit.

Execution of our audit procedures to verify and review the required information.

Preparation and discussion of the draft audit report.

Issuance of the final audit report.

DDA audit

Free Zone DDA Audit Services

CPA provides DDA Approved accounting and auditing services in all free zone. Your business is registered in whichever free zone; it’s mandated for you to conduct financial audit reports and statements. The final audit summary sheet submitted should include

the following information; Profit & loss statement, balance sheet, investments, current assets, other assets, equity, long-term liabilities, and current liabilities. If you cannot keep your data together, you need Dubai Development Authority – DDAapproved auditors in Dubai.

Free Zones

Dubai Free zones are listed below

If you belong to any of them, you must submit your authorized audit report to DDA.

dda approved audit services in Dubai


Key Benefits of Our Services

The benefit of financial auditing for a Business in Dubai is as follows.
It helps maintain compliance for the company and helps understand your business.
Assists while making decisions for the future of the business business.
Assists while filing taxes and also helps at the time of company liquidation.
It helps detect fraudulent activity or wastage of resources in the industry.
Assists in the goodwill of the company.


Requirements to Avail out Services

Here is the list of records statements required to avail our services.

Why Us

Why Choose Us?

Capital Plus Auditing offers auditing services to meet your business needs. CPA is a team of professional and approved auditors in Dubai Development Authority (DDA), as we specialize in auditing businesses of various sizes and requirements.

We understand that audits are more than just evaluations and maintenance of financial statements. CPA with extensive experience offers auditing services to various industry sectors and businesses, from family-owned enterprises or large proprietary companies to listed companies in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

Our Audit team does more than deliver technically excellent auditing services.

We know that to offer an accurate and fair view of your business, we need a thorough understanding of your requirements.

We provide audit reports for all the free zones falling under DDA. You can check all those zones above.

DDA Approved auditors in dubai

Are you still here with us? You must be an individual or a business owner who wants to know about the auditing procedure or services, right?

Our team of professionals at auditing services in Dubai is ready to assist you with your business financial auditing and give you a 100% accurate DDA audit report. With more than eleven years of experience in the market, our professionals provide auditing consultancy, training, VAT accounting, tax return filings, and compliance and control strategy.

Reach out for detailed auditing and accounting services. CPA is a team of approved auditors in Dubai. It will assist you with Dubai Development Authority Audit Report compliance. Call or WhatsApp today for direct assistance. You can also submit a contact form in the Contact Us section. Capital Plus Auditing can be your partner in your success.

Surely, you are the one who is looking for a service related to DDA auditing. Click the button below to get a consultant’s advice or book any service.

Q & A


CPA is a full-service independent Audit, Accounting, and Management Consultancy firm providing top-notch accounting and bookkeeping services, VAT/ Tax Consultancy, Audit and Assurance, Risk and Compliance advisory, CFO Services, HR and Outsourcing services along with practical Business Consulting, Company Incorporation, and Advisory services.

CPA is the approved auditor in all of the business-free zones in Dubai. We are eligible for services provided to all businesses operating within the free zone. You can hire CPA to get DDA Approved Audit Services in Dubai.

Under the CCF (Commercial Companies Federal) Law, all firms and business on the mainland must have their financial accounts audited. These firms must keep their financial records for at least five years.

An approved auditor in Dubai will develop the report after considering the Companies Act’s precautions and the accounting and auditing standards. Also, he set down the information before the firms in the annual general meeting.

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