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Sin tax is now a legal obligation in Dubai

Hire the best Excise Tax Registration services in Dubai.

An excise tax (also known as sin tax) is levied on luxury and mass-consumed products. After 2017, it has become a compulsory legal requirement for businesses to get registered for excise tax in Dubai in order for guilt-free business.

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CPA's Role.

This is where we help businesses to file their returns on time. Over the years, we have helped businesses to secure their credibility as responsible companies conducting trade in Dubai. In order to achieve impeccable results we employ only the best. We offer our premium services to businesses that make timely decisions to safeguard their corporate image. 

An essential introduction to Excise Tax in Dubai

A minimalist introduction to Excise tax rates in Dubai

There is no quantity threshold that a business must meet in order to file for excise tax. The mere fact that a business is engaged in the 4 types of business given above is an indication of qualification for excise tax. However, the rate of tax on each exercise may vary. The rates on each good were enforced after the Cabinet decision NO. 52 of 2019 on Excise goods. The rates are as follows:

An excise tax filing is must for every business to maintain its ethical, moral and legal standings. Essentially, it is required to keep an entity in business. Following are the 3 main benefits of a timely excise tax returns filing:

Energy drinks100%
Electronic and smoking devices100%
Liquid used in smoking and electronic devices100%
Carbonated drinks50%
Sweetened drinks50%


Criteria for "Who should file for tax Excise Tax?"

Not all businesses are required to file for an excise tax in UAE and Dubai. There are four types of activities that are required to file for an excise taxation in Dubai given below:

  • If a business imports excise goods.
  • If a business produces and distributes excise goods.
  • If a business stockpiles excise goods.
  • If the products are released from designated zones.
criteria for excise tax registration

Undeniable benefits of Timely Excise Tax filing

An excise tax filing is a must for every business to maintain its ethical, mora,l and legal standings. Essentially, it is required to keep an entity in business. Following are the 3 main benefits of a timely excise tax returns filing:

  • Continuance of business.
  • Compliance with law and code of conduct.
  • Credibility and transparency.

Our creative strategy

When it comes to professionalism, we are one of the best in the market. Have a look at the process that we use to help our clients:

  • We look at your case uniquely to decide your eligibility.
  • We help you prepare all documents.
  • Guide through all steps of the process.
  • We assist in classifying your business type for excise tax.
  • Excise duty calculation.
  • Excise tax returns filings.
  • Help in ensuring compliance.

A complete list of Documents required

Please make sure, you checklist the following list of documents before initiating an excise tax registration in Dubai:

  • Passport
  • UAE ID
  • Trade license for Business
  • Business bank details including account number, IBAN, Bank Name, and account title.
  • If you are a person signing on behalf of a person required to file excise tax, please arrange authorization proof for the signatory person.
  • Customs number ( if it is applicable)
  • The partnership agreement or Articles of Association of your business.
  • Official declaration of activity under your business: imports, production, or stockpiling.
  • If you are registered for tax in another GCC, make available its TRN.

2 steps Process for registration of excise tax in Dubai

Step 1: Make an account

  • Sign up with your Unique credentials.
  • Wait 24 hours for verification.

Once the account is approved, start the registration process as given below:

Step 2: Get registered

  • Login to your account
  • Click on register for excise tax
  • Fill the form with the
  • Submit form for approval by FTA
excise tax registration services in dubai

Late registration penalty

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The main purpose of hiring an excise tax registration service in Dubai is to take the burden off your shoulders. As business owners, you may be intelligent enough to file for an excise tax yourself but getting caught up in technicalities at the eleventh hour is the last thing you will hope for. As an excise tax services agency, we help our clients in all matters of excise tax registration and filing in Dubai. Our unique strategy in tax matters has satisfied thousands of clients over the years. In order to discuss your particular situation and strategy for excise tax registration in Dubai, Contact us for timely tax filings


Make an account on the FTA website for e-services. Fout ill the form for excise tax and submit it for approval.

Any person or business that stockpiles produces, imports, and releases excise goods from designated zones should register for excise tax.

You may register on the FTA portal if you conduct business involving excise goods.

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