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Audit and Assurance Services Dubai

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About Audit & Assurance

What is Audit & Assurance?

Audit & Assurance is a comprehensive yet very beneficial process, an audit is the first step, it is the systematic and objective examination & analysis of the financial data or documents while the assurance service is the second step that follows the audit and it includes transparency of information, quality assurance, prevention of fraudulent activities and improving the overall quality of the organizational processes.

The most important asset for a business is trust. It can also be one of the most difficult goals to attain. In a constantly changing world, the decision of whom to trust – and for what reasons isn’t easy. Audit & Assurance services in Dubai give your business credibility in the eyes of regulatory authorities, investors, and stakeholders. Schedule a Free Consultation even before getting our Services


Importance of Audit and Assurance

Dubai is a growing business hub around the globe, with stable economic conditions, and zero or minimal taxes, it is an attraction point for investors and businesses, small and medium businesses contribute up to 90% of Dubai’s economy and the authorities have established several special economic zones known as free zones across the whole Dubai. In most regions, an Audit is mandatory for businesses.

Audit & Assurance services help your business meet regulatory requirements and compliance needs, they also ensure the business is running smoothly by providing an accurate financial picture which increases the trust and credibility of the business for investors and stakeholders. With a transparent picture, business owners can make informed decisions and set their businesses on a growing path.

Here are some of the key benefits of Audit and Assurance Services in Dubai


Our Capabilities

We are a registered & certified Audit firm in Dubai, our team has years of experience in providing Auditing and Assurance, and we’ve helped dozens of businesses meet compliance, launch effective policies, and prevent fraudulent activities. We are experienced and fully capable of handling all of your Audit & Assurance needs.

Internal Audit

An independent conducted by Audit firm or Auditor to assure the company’s internal processes are running smoothly, it includes a compliance audit, operation audit, and financial audit.

External Audit

This audit is primarily conducted for the certification of financial statements of any entity or business, an independent and certified auditor or audit firm conducts the external audit

Management Audit

The purpose of a management audit is to check the effectiveness and efficiency of the management of the organization, this involves a comprehensive analysis of all the management operations

Statutory Audit

Most of the free zones and some mainland authorities have made it mandatory for the business to get audited. A statutory Audit is necessary for businesses to meet compliance.

Forensic Audit

This is an on-demand Audit requested by the company’s management to analyze the financial data and find potential irregularities and fraudulent activities.

Due Diligence Audit

An in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the company’s historical sales, expenses & financial records to make sure the business is following international accounting standards.

Risk Management

The process of analyzing the potential risks, to determine, manage and exterminate the risks in the business is risk management, our experts can help you identify risks and propose their solutions.

Assurance Services

Assurance services help businesses build a trustworthy image in the eyes of authorities, stakeholders and investors, our experts have extensive knowledge and experience to handle all of your assurance needs.


Our Process

Post Services Support & Follow-ups

After the successful audit process and reporting, if there is anything that is still unclear or you need any help with understanding certain areas of the report, our team will provide detailed guidance.

Preparation of Audit Report

As soon as the audit process gets completed, we will generate the final audit report and our team makes sure it is according to the regulatory authorities in Dubai & UAE. You will get detailed reports.

Planning & Structuring

Based on the requirements and data collected in the first 2 stages, we will come up with a plan that will fit your needs. We will develop unique and creative processes to determine the best approach for your requirements

Collection of Necessary Details

As soon as we lock the deal after the quotation and consultation session, we will need all the necessary information and data that is required for the audit process, this is based on audit type, for example, financial data (credit and debit notes, invoices, and purchases details) and other necessary information.

Analysis of the Requirements

Our Audit and Assurance Services in Dubai Starts with some uniqueness as we don’t go with a “fit-for-all” approach but we choose the best one for your needs. Based on the nature of your business, we pick the necessary audit cycles that need to be implemented in your business.

CEO Muhammad Naqash

Founder & CEO

I’m Naqqash, Founder & CEO of Capital Plus Auditing of Accounts Dubai.
I am a certified Chartered Accountant and I have more than 10 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses and helping them with their operational and growth-related issues very closely over the past few years.
I founded Capital Plus Auditing with a mission to provide hassle-free financial, accounting as well as digital services to help doers fulfill their dreams and turn their ideas into a reality.

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