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8 major differences between Bookkeeping and Accounting

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Bookkeeping and Accounting are two poles apart important functions for every entrepreneur and business organization. In simple words, bookkeeping is keeping records of financial transactions of a business whereas accounting is the system of recording and summarizing business and financial transactions and analyzing, interpreting, classifying, verifying, summarizing, and reporting the financial data. Bookkeeping and accounting may appear the same or confusing to the untrained personnel. This is because both bookkeeping and accounting deals with financial data, require basic accounting knowledge, and classify, interpret, summarize and generate reports for businesses using the financial transactions. But, both of these processes are natively different and have their own couple of benefits.

Here we summarize 8 major differences between bookkeeping and accounting to help you better understand both of these functions.

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1. What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is an activity or occupation mainly related to organizing and keeping records on a regular basis of the financial transactions of the business.

2. Objective

The main objective of bookkeeping is to keep the proper records of all financial transactions of the business.

3. Skills Required

There is no particular skill set required for a Bookkeeping job. But it may depend on the company policy and HR.

4. Analysis

The analysis is not included in the bookkeeping process.

5. Types

There are basically two types of bookkeeping

  • Single-entry bookkeeping
  • Souble-entry bookkeeping

6. Decision Making

The Management of the business can not take a decision solely based on the data provided by bookkeeping.

7. Preparation of Financial Statements

Financial statements of businesses are not prepared by bookkeeper as a part of this process.

8. Bookkeepers and Accountants

Bookkeepers should have the necessary knowledge about financial affairs and be accurate in their work. Bookkeepers’ job is usually supervised by an accountant.
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1. What is Accounting?

Accounting also known as accountancy, is the process of recording, financial transactions along with sorting, retrieving, summarizing, interpreting, and presenting the results in various reports. Accounting is also a profession dedicated to carrying out those tasks.

2. Objective

The main objective of accounting is to measure the financial situation of the business or organization and further communicate the data to the relevant authorities. The accounting department also makes preparations for a company’s budgets and plans loan proposals.

3. Skills Required

Accounting requires specific skill set due to its complex and analytical nature, some of the required skills are:

  • Accounting Practices Knowledge
  • Expertise in Accounting Software
  • Can Prepare Financial Statements
  • General Business Practices Knowledge
  • Data analyzing ability
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Organizational Accounting Skills
  • Time Management Skills

4. Analysis

The accountant uses information gathered by the bookkeeper to analyze and interpret the data and then compiles it into reports and discusses it with the higher authorities

5. Types

There are nine most common types of accounting, which are:

  • Auditing
  • Tax accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Managerial accounting
  • Forensic accounting
  • Public accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Governmental accounting
  • Accounting information systems

6. Decision Making

The management of the businesses or companies can take critical business decisions depending on the data provided by the accountants.

7. Preparation of Financial Statements

Financial statements are prepared by the accountant during the accounting process.

8. Bookkeepers and Accountants

The title of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is given to accountants with sufficient education and experience.

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Naqqash Ahmad
Naqqash Ahmad
Hello, I’m Naqqash, Founder & CEO of Capital Plus Auditing of Accounts. I am a certified Chartered Accountant and I have more than 10 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses and helping them with their operational and growth-related issues very closely over the past few years.

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